Premier League: The top 4 race

Over the past two seasons in the Premier League, two teams have risen above the rest to challenge for the title. Liverpool and Man City have become the two teams to challenge for England’s top flight. A galvanised Chelsea under Thomas Tuchel, which went on to lift the Champions League, has consistently maintained the third position in the Premier League, begging the question: has this year’s instalment of the Premier League become a contest for fourth place? 

The fourth-place position this year has most consistently been inhabited by the men in red from North London, despite a very shaky beginning to the Premier League. Much of the football community suggested the Gunners could even be relegated. At the beginning of the season, many had their money on the likes of United and Tottenham end the season in fourth. 

United had recently bolstered their squad with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho, and Raphael Varane by that time of the season, and Tottenham’s Kane and Son duo were looking incredibly difficult to contain. Some even had their money on David Moyes West Ham, a side that upset plenty with their rip-roaring form in 2020/2021. 

But with only a handful of games left in the Premier League this season, it appears that the fourth-place position is up for grabs. Arsenal looked set to reclaim their famous fourth place position, and SA betting sites had provided odds that were in line with these expectations, but after a three-game losing streak, the race for the final Champions League position has heated up significantly. 

Quite unlike Arsenal, after their run of losses, the men from the red side of North London managed to secure two big victories over Chelsea and Manchester United, two teams that they have struggled against in years past. These two victories have catapulted the Gunners back into the top four conversations, edging their North London rivals ever so slightly. 

With a game in hand and completely off form, it’s looking a lot like Manchester United will have to wait another year until they compete for one of those much sought-after top four spots. Having gone winless in their last six games in all competitions, the Red Devils will need a miracle to secure another season of Champions League football. 

Tottenham’s case is quite different from that of its competitors. Spurs have experienced what some can call a resurgence under Antonio Conte, and have managed to find some fantastic form, especially in some of their recent performances. Tottenham looks to be in a good position to upset their North London rivals. 

While each of the teams battling it out for the top four have had spotty areas in each of their respective seasons, the final straight for the last remaining champions league spot is bound to be exciting. Amid Arsenal’s three-game losing streak, Tottenham’s resurgence, and Man United’s unpredictability, we have the recipe for a dramatic rest of the Premier League Season. 

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