• Safa reveal plans for fans to return for Bafana clash

    South African Football Association (Safa) president Dr Danny Jordaan revealed they are set to hold a meeting with the Department of Health on the possibility of allowing fans back into the stadium.

    The two parties are now set to hold a meeting on Friday, 8 October in Pretoria to determine the logistics which will see supporters return to the stadium.

    This will be the first time any team will play in front of spectators since the 18 month drought due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

    Dr Jordaan is all for having spectators back at the stadium as he believes it the thing thats been missing from the game for a long time.

    “Bafana Bafana are the hearts and emotions of South African fans and my visit is to remind them of the place they hold within society, the hope they bring and the smiles they’re able to put on the faces of the fans,” Jordaan told Safa.

    “As Safa we have decided to do our best so that the team delivers their best. They’ll be chartered to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia and leave immediately after the match back home, for them to focus on the job at hand.

    “We had a great meeting with the Department of Health who will on Thursday guide the way in how we will achieve this, and do it in a manner that we all still remain safe. It will be marvel to see fans back in the stands.”